Infectious Disease Telementoring

The Infectious Disease (ID) and Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) Telementoring Program, formally titled the Infectious Disease Specialist Access Pilot Project (IDSAPP), is provided as part of the Partnership for Patients Hospital Improvement and Innovation Network. The program seeks to enhance infectious disease case review, optimize antibiotic treatment, and strengthen internal infectious disease resources through education and training and build effective AMS programs at hospitals throughout Alaska.

This program provides support to pharmacists, physicians, infection preventionists and other hospital staff working on antimicrobial stewardship. The overall goals is to promote learning and sharing information to improve antibiotic stewardship among Alaskan hospitals. We are committed to improving care through this process.

One aspect is to provide webinar/teleconference mentoring calls to review epidemiology information on important infections. Calls are currently scheduled for every Monday and Thursday at 2 pm. To receive information on how to participate in weekly calls please contact ASHNHA. Calls are open to all members of ASHNHA.

IDSAPP Education Modules are available here

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