2018 Quality & Patient Safety Awards

ASHNHA is excited to announce the 2018 ASHNHA Quality and Patient Safety Awards winners at our 2018 Annual Conference in Girdwood on September 27, 2018. The nominees will represent individuals and teams taking progressive and effective steps to improve patient care and outcomes. Awards are structured to recognize individuals, teams, and organizations focused on the importance of high-quality patient care programs, foster a culture of patient safety, and support sustainable improvements in quality and patient safety.

Winners will be chosen from these categories:

  • Golden Stethoscope Award – for a healthcare advance practice provider or physician
  • The Front-Line Staff Outstanding Performance Award
  • Innovation in Transformation Awards (hospitals and nursing homes, <=25 beds, and >25 beds)
  • High Reliability: Persevering in the Pursuit of Zero Patient Harm Award

Winners will be notified by August 31. For more information contact Patricia or Michelle.