Our Team

ASHNHA has operations in Anchorage and Juneau.
The primary office of the staff person is located beside their name.

Anchorage Office: (907) 646-1444
Juneau Office: (907) 586-1790

Becky Hultberg (Anchorage)
[email protected]

Jeannie Monk (Juneau)
Senior Vice President
[email protected]

Connie Beemer (Anchorage)
Vice President, Post-Acute Care & Finance
[email protected]

Debbie Lowenthal (Juneau)
Manager, Programs & Services
[email protected]

Elizabeth King (Anchorage)
Director, Behavioral Health
[email protected]

Sara Bloom (Anchorage)
Office Manager
[email protected]

Lynn Van Vactor (Anchorage)
Director, Quality & Performance Improvement
[email protected]

Lexie Lee
Program Assistant
[email protected]