AKPQC Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health Hypertension Initiative

Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) Hypertension Initiative

The Alaska Perinatal Quality Collaborative joined the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) Program in January 2019 and launched its first initiative focused on reducing hypertension-related severe maternal morbidity through state-wide implementation of the AIM hypertension safety bundle. Severe maternal morbidity related to hypertension is highly preventable through implementation of evidence-based practices and quality improvement strategies included in the AIM-supported hypertension safety bundle.  

Our goal is to engage all Alaska hospitals and birth facilities in collaborative QI to eliminate preventable hypertension-related severe maternal morbidity. Currently, 6 hospitals are participating in this initiative representing 63% of Alaska births. The AKPQC is supporting facilities through bundle implementation following a collaborative quality improvement (QI) model. This includes monthly team meetings with participating facilities to review data, implementation strategies, and provide a space for mutual mentoring and learning among facilities. The AKPQC is also hosting quarterly learning sessions with topic experts to share best practices.

AIM Hypertension Initiative Key Driver Diagram and SMART Aim

Background and Foundational Resources

Data Resources

Quality Improvement Resources

March 2020: Resources to develop standard order sets, treatment protocols, and checklists for recognition and response to severe maternal hypertension

April 2020: Ensuring rapid access to IV and PO hypertensive medications

May 2020: May 2020: Train providers and nurses on recognition and response to severe maternal hypertension and accurate blood pressure measurement

June 2020: Executing protocols to treat severe hypertension within 60 minutes

July 2020: Ensure patient follow within 10 days for all patients with severe hypertension and within 72 hours for patients on medications

August 2020: Implement patient-centered education of pregnant people and their families on signs and symptoms of severe hypertension/preeclampsia

September 2020:  Establish a system to perform regular debriefs after all cases of severe hypertension

October 2020: Establish a process for multidisciplinary reviews of all cases of severe maternal morbidity 

November 2020: Implement systems to identify pregnant and postpartum patients in all hospital departments

December 2020: Implement systems to support patient, families, and staff following a severe maternal event

 AIM Hypertension Initiative Learning Sessions

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