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About the AKPQC

The Alaska Perinatal Quality Collaborative (AKPQC) has been established to promote high-quality maternal and newborn care across Alaska. Perinatal Quality Collaboratives exist in most states and are structured and function based on the needs of the population. Alaska has a relatively small population, finite financial resources, great geographical distances, costly transports, unpredictable weather, scarcity of specialized care, high hospital staff turnover, and competing health business entities. This backdrop necessitates strong collaborative efforts to optimize perinatal care.

AKPQC Mission: To provide the highest level of care to mothers and infants across Alaska by collaborating with hospitals, birthing facilities, providers, and key stakeholders to promote the sharing of best practices and advancement of data-driven initiatives.

Short-term goals

  • Engage Hospitals/Birthing Facilities in collaborative quality improvement on issues affecting maternal health through participation in the Alliance on Innovation for Maternal Health (AIM) Program
  • Engage key stakeholders to explore funding and partnership opportunities to develop a neonatal branch of the AKPQC

Mid-term goals

  • Secure funding to sustain maternal quality improvement efforts and to establish a structure for a neonatal branch of the AKPQC

Long-term goal


AIM Hypertension Initiative Resources

AIM Hypertension Learning Session Recording (10/15/19)

AIM Hypertension Learning Session Slides (10/15/19)

AIM Hypertension Learning Session Recording (8/5/19)

AIM Hypertension Learning Session Slides (8/5/19)

AIM Introductory Webinar Recording (3/19/19)

AIM Introductory Webinar Slides (3/19/19)

If you viewed an AIM Hypertension Learning Session Recording and would like to receive nursing or medical continuing education credits, please complete the Virtual Attendance Attestation form and return to Katy Krings at [email protected] or 907-269-3418.

Severe maternal morbidity related to hypertension is highly preventable through implementation of evidence-based practices and quality improvement strategies included in the AIM-supported hypertension safety bundle. Our goal is to engage all Alaska hospitals and birth facilities in collaborative QI to eliminate preventable hypertension-related severe maternal morbidity. To learn more or to join this initiative, please contact Katy Krings ([email protected] or 907-269-3418).

AKPQC Kick-off Resources (1/25/19)

Alaska Perinatal Quality Collaborative Kick-Off

Current Landscape of Alaska Maternal Child Health Data

National Partnerships with the AIM Alliance

Alaska Perinatal Quality Collaborative Launch Survey

Perinatal Quality Collaboratives: What they Are, What They Do, And How They Can Improve Neonatal Outcomes

Making an Impact on Maternal Mortality and Severe Morbidity

AIM Introductory Webinar Recording

AIM Introductory Webinar Slides

The AKPQC Steering Committee meets the second Thursday of every month from 12 pm to 1 pm. All are welcome to attend these meetings. Contact Katy Krings for the agenda or for information about how to join.


Alaska Maternal and Child Health Data Book 2018: PRAMS Edition

Pregnancy-Associated Mortality in Alaska

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For more information about the Alaska PQC or to find out how to join please contact:

Katy Krings, MPH, RN, CPH

Perinatal/Reproductive Health Nurse Consultant

State of Alaska, DHSS, Division of Public Health

Section of Women’s, Children’s & Family Health

Direct line: 907-269-3418

Email: [email protected]