Alaska Infection Control Conference October 7-8, 2019

Conference Agenda

Presentations Day One October 7

Dr. Jay Butler – Emerging Issues in Infection Control: The Continuum From the Hospital to Global Health

Larry Lee – HVAC and the Healthcare Environment

Rob Hinton – Implementing a Water Management Plan

Breakout Session Pam Webb – Infection Prevention Program Assessment and Gap Analysis and Using Quick Observation Tools for IP Survey Readiness

Dr. Jay Butler – Drug Diversion and Infection Prevention: Case Studies

Presentations Day Two October 8

Larry Lee – Alaska – Construction & Infection Prevention 2019

Rob Hinton and Larry Lee – Preventing Legionellosis Outbreaks 2019

Larry Lee – Infection Prevention & Ice Machines

Breakout Session – Invasive Bacterial Disease in Alaska – with Dr. Leisha Nolen

Breakout Session – The Challenges of Flexible Endoscope Cleaning with Delores O’Connell

Kim Spink – TB Screening in Healthcare Personnel

Dr. Benjamin Westley – Prevention, laboratory testing and treatment of UTIs