ashnha meetings

ASHNHA Board meetings

Board meetings are usually held in September, February and May. Contact us for information on upcoming Board meetings. September’s meeting is during the Annual Conference each year. The February meeting is our Legislative meeting held in Juneau each year.

Legislative Meetings

Our next Legislative Fly-in will be in February 2021 in Juneau. Find documents and presentations from our 2020 Legislative Fly-in on our website.


ASHNHA brings value to members as a convener. ASHNHA committees and workgroups meet regularly to discuss important issues. Participation allows members to influence and guide policy making decisions and provides an opportunity for health care leaders to interact with their peers across Alaska.

OurĀ CNO Committee meets quarterly and has in-person meetings twice a year (upcoming on is on April 24, 2020). The ASHNHA Patient Safety Committee also meets quarterly and the CFO Collaborative usually has in-person meetings during the Juneau Legislative meeting and the Annual Conference.

ASHNHA quality educational events and collaborative trainings are held annually in Anchorage, usually a few times a year.