ASHNHA Quality & Patient Safety Awards

Nominations will be open for the ASHNHA 2020 Quality and Patient Safety Awards in July 2020.

1. The Golden Stethoscope Award, recognizes a healthcare advance practice provider or physician who consistently demonstrates his/her commitment to supporting and/or leading efforts that result in measurable improvements in the delivery of safe patient care.

2. Front-Line Staff Outstanding Performance Award, recognizes an individual or team that has demonstrated above and beyond safety related performance in the workplace. The nomination may describe a system or process improvement, or noteworthy front-line staff performance of safety practices.

3. Innovation in Transformation of Patient Safety and Quality ~ High Reliability Award, recognizes hospitals and nursing homes that have developed and implemented an innovative and/or sustainable patient safety and/or quality process, project, or program, with measurably improved outcomes.

4. Innovations That Address Social Determinants of Health Award, recognizes a facility and a person that has shown exemplary initiative and commitment to address social determinants of health, eliminate health care disparities and provide comprehensive care to every patient.

ASHNHA is excited to announce the winners of 2019 ASHNHA Quality and Patient Safety Awards. The winners will represent individuals and teams taking progressive and effective steps to improve patient care and outcomes. Awards are structured to recognize individuals, teams, and organizations focused on the importance of high-quality patient care programs, foster a culture of patient safety, and support sustainable improvements in quality and patient safety. Here is a booklet that lists all the winners and nominees.