Behavioral Health

ASHNHA’s work on behavioral health (BH) issues has been ongoing over the last several years and has coalesced around the ED boarding challenge faced by our member hospitals. In early 2018, ASHNHA approached The Mental Health Trust Authority (AMHTA) to request funding for an acute behavioral health improvement project.  A total of 63 individuals participated in the workgroup meetings from 31 organizations. The 31 organizations included federal and state employees from various departments, five community partners, and 21 hospitals across the state of Alaska. The final report for this project was completed in April of 2019. The report consists of an overview of methodologies and challenges over the course of the project as well as 23 identified and prioritized strategies within five settings across the continuum of care. ASHNHA, developed a workplan based on these recommendations that focuses on 12 of the 23 strategies identified by the acute BH project.

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