Policy & Advocacy

ASHNHA’s policy and advocacy priorities are driven by a vision that every Alaskan has access to affordable, safe, high-quality health care.

ASHNHA is committed to creating and maintaining a financial and regulatory environment in which hospitals and health care systems can provide the right care at the right time. This involves collaborating with members, policymakers, and other health care partners. 

ASHNHA provides federal and state lawmakers with the tools they need to make informed decisions on issues that affect the health of Alaskans. ASHNHA provides legislators information and educates legislators on the important role that Alaska’s hospitals and nursing homes play in their communities.

ASHNHA monitors policy issues at the federal and state levels that affect hospitals and nursing homes. The association takes action by providing comments and testimony to governing bodies, writing letters, participating in agency meetings, and developing collaborative relationships with organizations interested in Alaska’s health care industry.

ASHNHA policy & advocacy webpages