Patient Safety Committee

The Patient Safety Committee works on behalf of Alaska hospitals and nursing homes to develop strategies and implement programs which improve the quality and safety of care.

The Committee works to proactively emphasize the importance of hospital quality patient care programs, foster a culture of patient safety, and support sustainable improvements in quality and patient safety. The Committee will review patient safety data and make recommendations on data transparency issues. These programs are designed to be applicable to hospitals of all sizes.

The ASHNHA Patient Safety Committee consists of members representing Alaska hospital and nursing homes including Chief Executive Officers, Chief Medical Officers, Chief Nursing Officers, and Quality leadership. Members represent large and small, rural and urban, Tribal and non-Tribal hospitals and nursing homes from across the state.

The Patient Safety Committee will meet at least quarterly. Meetings will be held primarily by webinar with at least one in-person meeting per year.

Workplace Violence Initiative

For more information on the Patient Safety Committee please contact Lynn.

Workplace safety for hospital staff, while providing safe quality care for patients, is a priority for ASHNHA members.  ASHNHA has adapted a resource from Missouri Hospital Association to help hospitals communicate that Alaskan hospitals encourage appropriate and expected behavior in care settings.

The educational poster provides a patient-facing resource with the theme Healing Happens Here. The poster can be downloaded from the ASHNHA website Patient Safety Committee page.


The new poster can be co-branded for use throughout the hospital. To co-brand the PDFs, download the file, and view in Adobe Acrobat (not in browser). Click in the bottom right corner to launch an image browsing window to select your desired logo for placement. If you need assistance co-branding the poster for your facility, please contact [email protected] and she will be happy to assist you