Don’t delay. Get your healthcare today!

Thanks to the many precautions put into place, Alaska’s hospitals and clinics are safe, accessible, and prepared to take care of you and your family’s health care needs.

In collaboration with Dr. Anne Zink, ASHNHA produced a short video message to reassure Alaskans that it is safe to receive healthcare at Alaska facilities.

Alaskans response to the COVID-19 response has been amazing. By staying home, we’ve saved lives. However, staying home does not mean you should delay your health care needs!  According to a recent poll by Kaiser Family Foundation, 48% of Americans said they or a family member have postponed medical care due to the pandemic.  This can be dangerous:

    • Waiting too long to seek care for injuries like broken bones or deep cuts can lead to serious infections.
    • Not seeking care for new or worsening health conditions such as warning signs for heart attacks or strokes.
    • Not managing chronic conditions can exacerbate other health problems.

Now, as part of the Reopen Alaska Responsibly Plan, hospitals and physicians can resume many routine services.

Hospitals & clinics are safe

Care at hospitals and other health care settings looks different now. Health care teams are taking additional steps to keep you safe when you seek care, such as:

  • Screen for symptoms and temperature when you arrive at a hospital or clinic, often before you even enter the building 
  • Separate people with COVID-like symptoms from others. All hospitalized COVID-19 patients are cared for in special units of the hospitals, away from other patients
  • Distance people from one another with reminders of safe distances and protective barriers
  • Limit visitors for appointments and patients 
  • Increase the use of masks for staff and visitors
  • Change the waiting room experience, or eliminating the waiting room entirely
  • Increase cleaning of common and high touch items like door handles, elevator buttons, tables, and chairs. Clinics and hospitals always have high standards when it comes to cleaning and keeping germs from spreading. 

To find out which precautions a specific health care provider is taking to make care at their location COVID-safe, give them a call or visit their website. 

Find a location to get care 

What kind of care is available right now?  

Under the Governor’s Health Mandate 15, patients have access to most health care services. 

  • Urgent and emergency care is available and safe to access
  • Doctor and clinic visits for routine care
  • Surgical and diagnostic procedures are available. 
  • Telehealth visits to connect you with your health care provider through phone and video conference. This is a good option for routine care, mental health, managing chronic conditions, and having new conditions or symptoms evaluated to determine if you need an in-person visit.  

Don’t delay!  Get your healthcare today.

Contact your health care provider to with any questions or your concerns.

As always, if there is a medical or psychiatric emergency, call 911 immediately.