Member Services

Alaska Hospital and Nursing Home Association is a statewide member organization providing services and leadership to hospital and nursing homes in Alaska. ASHNHA provides a wide array of services to its members including advocacy in legislative and administrative arenas.

ASHNHA is made up of institutional members and associate members. Institutional members are hospitals and nursing homes operating in Alaska.  Each member has a seat on the Board of Directors. Associate members are organizations, businesses, or individuals interested in the mission of ASHNHA. Associate members do not have a seat on the Board and may not hold elective office, however, they are encouraged to attend Board meetings and ASHNHA sponsored events.

ASHNHA sponsors an annual conference each year in September. The location for the conference is selected by the Board Chair. The ASHNHA Annual Conference for 2018 was held in Girdwood, Alaska at the Alyeska Resort on September 25th thru September 27th, 2018. If you have any questions regarding the conference please contact Sara.