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Recordings are now available from Alaska’s Rural Health Conference April 24-26, 2012 in Anchorage Alaska. The conference was titled, “Growing our Systems of Care: Strength through Partnerships & Networks.”


Below is a list of the sessions that were recorded at the conference. If you would like to obtain CEUs for watching a presentation, please contact Cherise Fowler at the Alaska Primary Care Association (APCA) at 907-929-2739 or email: [email protected]

Tuesday April 24, 2012
Rural Telemedicine: What’s in it for me and my Patients? – Cindy Roleff (13 minutes)
Connect MD’s Role in Supporting Helath Information Exchange – Ron Hale (18 minutes)
Bridgining the E-Skills Gap – Jay Brudzinski (16 minutes)

Optimizing Systems Track
Access to Primary Care for Seniors: Role of Alaska’s CHC’s – Robert Sewell (1 hour 28 minutes)
Planning for and Financing your New Facility – Dave Kleiber (1 hour 16 minutes)

Quality Improvement Track
Improving your Health Care System Through Lean Thinking – Patrick Anderson (1 hour 38 minutes)
QI: Essential in Every Aspect of Improving Patient Care – Tara Ferguson (43 minutes)

Wednesday April 25, 2012
Improving Quality of Care through Fully Empanelled Care Team – Josh Hundorf (16 minutes)
Keynote Presentation: Kauila Clark (24 minutes)
Mental Health First Aid – Jill Ramsey (15 minutes)

Optimizing Systems Track
Frontier Extended Stay Clinics: Lessons from the Demonstration – Patricia Atkinson and Sanna Doucette (41 minutes)
Moneky Management – Joel Medendorp (57 minutes)
Southcentral Foundation Nuka System of Care Improved Overall Outcomes – Llene Sylvester (47 minutes)

Quality Improvement Track
Clinical Best Practices for Tobacco Cessation – Karen Doster (45 minutes)
National Healthcare Initiatives – Kyla Newland (33 minutes)
Achieving Perfect Care: One Hospital’s Journey to Excellence (38 minutes)

Thursday April 25, 2012
Improving Child Health Outcomes Through Health Info Technology – Alice Rarig (13 minutes)
Improving Telehealth Coordination: A Business Case – Joe Stewart (33 minutes)
Periop Consortium: New Opportunity for Growing our own – Barbara Welte (22 minutes)

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