Leadership Development Training

ASHNHA is contracting with the South Central Alaska’s Area Health Education Center (SCAHEC) to provide leadership development training to ASHNHA member facilities. The SCAHEC will have trainers that will deliver the nationally-developed courses using the Development Dimensions International (DDI) curriculum. This program is used within the Providence system and many other health organizations.

Most DDI courses are 3.5 – 4 hours each, with a few requiring up to 8 classroom hours.  Two Certified DDI Facilitators will travel from Anchorage to the host ASHNHA facility to provide live classroom training on any of the DDI Interaction Management courses requested.  A short Skills Practice Lab is included in the live classroom course time. Facilities can have two consecutive days of training (2-4 courses depending on what courses are selected). The training is best suited for groups of 9-15 people but can accommodate up to 25 people depending on the course selected. ASHNHA will contract with SCAHEC to cover the cost of the trainers, course materials, and travel costs for trainers from Anchorage to the hospital. The hospital will be responsible for all logistics including scheduling the training, identifying staff to participate, scheduling a room for the training, and providing coffee, tea, snacks, etc. during the training days.

SCAHEC and ASHNHA recommend that hospitals start with the following core classes:

1. Essentials of Leadership

2. Managing Performance Problems

3. Coaching for Improvement

4. Coaching for Success

DDI provides relevant and challenging learning experiences for all levels from individual contributors and front-line leaders to mid-level and senior-level leaders. The curriculum helps to ensure that newly-learned skills are put to use from the first day back on the job. There are many different courses and hospitals can choose other course offerings that might be more beneficial to their hospital. Information on all 29 available courses  are listed on the DDI website.

Better skills, higher engagement and accelerated performance start with:

  • Assessment at all levels for a deeper understanding of strengths and development needs
  • Development at all levels designed to meet contemporary challenges
  • A comprehensive development program — Interaction Management® — that provide a curriculum of 29 Web and/or classroom-based courses to address contemporary challenges at every level

Hospitals can share this handout –DDI Interactive Management flyer with staff to give them more detailed information of the benefits and details of the training.



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