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Memorandum of Agreement

MOAs are issued for travel support to events throughout the year. They are offered to specific facility types depending on the event that travel is needed for. The MOA will state an amount that is allowed for travel reimbursement. Usually, it covers the cost of one round-trip coach flight, a one-night hotel stay, and cab or shuttle costs (this can vary depending on the circumstances), and food for the day ($60). 

The MOA needs to be signed by the traveler and returned per the instructions on the form PRIOR to traveling. After travel is complete, receipts and a completed travel expense form need to be submitted to complete the reimbursement requirements. See instructions on the travel expense form for where to return.

If you have any questions regarding this process or how to receive an MOA for an event, please contact Sara or call 907-270-6445. 

MOA Sample

Travel Expense Form