Opioid Resources

The State Legislature passed legislation to address the opioid crisis during the 2017 session. ASHNHA supported HB 159 and collaborated with the Department of Public Health to ensure that the bill’s provisions were workable in the inpatient and emergency department environments. ASHNHA is currently working to implement an ED coordination project which the association brought forward in a bill that passed in 2016. Through the project, Alaska’s emergency department physicians agreed on statewide narcotic prescribing guidelines, which have been implemented. 

HB 159 included the following provisions:

  • Allows patients to execute a voluntary non-opioid directive.
  • Enables Alaskans to request partial refills of opioid prescriptions from pharmacists without voiding the remainder of the prescription.
  • Limits first-time opioid prescriptions to no more than a 7-day supply (with exceptions).
  • Strengthens reporting and education requirements for health care providers and pharmacists.
  • Requires the controlled substance prescription database to be updated daily rather than weekly.


Opioid Storage and Disposal Materials