2019 Legislative Policy Agenda


ASHNHA’s goal is to have a sustainable health care system in the near term and to support the transformation of the health care system over the long term.

ASHNHA’s Policy Agenda for 2019

Policy Priorities for 2019

  • Health care system stability
  • Preserve access to health care and coverage
  • Behavioral health
  • Health care delivery system reform
  • Regulatory relief
  • Combat opioid abuse and impacts of heroin and meth use

State proposed regulation changes

ASHNHA regularly submits comments on proposed state regulations on behalf of hospitals and nursing homes.  Comments submitted are available for review on this webpage.

ASHNHA testimony on veto override

House Finance testimony-7-9-19

ASHNHA communication to legislators on Medicaid budget reductions

LTC Nursing Facility Rate Cut Impact – 4-3-19

Small Hospital Committee letter on small facility agreements – 4-3-19

Senate Finance HSS budget subcommittee – 4-2-19

Talking Points on Medicaid reduction – 4-1-19

DHSS Medicaid reduction plan – March 20, 2019

House HSS Finance subcommittee letter March 13, 2019

ASHNHA analysis of potential changes to the Medicaid program

HMA Medicaid Changes – DRGs

HMA Medicaid Changes – Oregon Prioritized List

HMA Medicaid Changes – Provider Tax


ASHNHA 2018 Legislative Summary

2018 Alaska Legislative Summary & Policy Overview