Medicaid Reform Advisory Group

ASHNHA has been actively participating in the Medicaid Reform Advisory Group by attending all the meetings, providing testimony and submitting written comments.

MRAG Innovation Alternatives 9-15-2014 This is the list of innovations presented to the MRAG.

ASHNHA Comments on Alternatives 9-15-14 Comments on the innovations submitted for the meeting on 9-17-14.

ASHNHA Comments – Reform Ideas 9-15-14 Innovation ideas submitted by ASHNHA for the 9-17-14 meeting.

Medicaid Reform Advisory Group Meeting Summary 9-17-14 Summary of the meeting including motions passed by MRAG.

ASHNHA Comments 10-29-14 Comments submitted for the final MRAG meeting.

ASHNHA Comments Therapy Caps  Comments submitted on proposed caps on PT, OT, Speech therapy limits.