Telehealth in Alaska

The goal of the telehealth project is to increase Alaska’s small hospitals’ interest, knowledge, and capacity for telehealth. This project is a collaboration between ASHNHA and the Alaska Office of Rural Health.

To support hospitals in developing telehealth services, briefing papers are being prepared on topics of interest. Click on links below to download a document.

AHA Telehealth Articles & Resources

AHA Telehealth Factsheet, July 2017

AHA Telehealth: Helping Hospitals Deliver Cost-Effective Care, April 2016

AHA Telehealth: Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Challenges, May 2015

AHA The Promise of Telehealth for Hospitals, Health Systems and Their Communities, Jan 2015

ASHNHA: Telehealth Issues & Needs in Alaska, Oct 2014

50 State Telemedicine Gap Analysis – Coverage and Reimbursement

50 State Telemedicine Gaps Analysis-Physician Practice Standards & Licensure

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Contact information to learn more about the project.

Jeannie Monk, ASHNHA –  (907) 586-1790