Price Transparency

ASHNHA members are committed to a collaborative approach to price transparency and support efforts to:

  • Provide fair and accurate information to inform patients about the potential cost of their care.
  • Encourage patients to consider price and quality when they make decisions on access to non-emergency medical services.

ASHNHA Price Transparency Toolkit

ASHNHA Price transparency principles & checklist

CMS Price Transparency Requirement

FAQs: Federal price transparency requirements

Update CMS FAQs 12-6-18 – Requirements for Hospitals to Make Public a List of their Standard Charges via the Internet

Requirements for hospitals to make public a list of their standard charges via the internet

Alaska Price Transparency Requirements
SB 105 Disclosure of Health Care Costs – Effective January 1, 2019

DHSS Health Care Cost Transparency Workgroup Meeting Documents

Presentation SB105 – 11-20-18 Workgroup

Transcript – 11-20-18 Workgroup

Summary of issues – 11-20-18 Workgroup

Resources for consumers on Price Transparency

Avoiding surprises in your medical bills: a guide for consumers

HFMA – Understanding healthcare prices: a consumer guide

Chargemaster –Frequently asked questions

Cost of Health Care – Factors impacting the cost of care in Alaska?