Quality Management Webinars

This is a five part series in quality management. These webinars are especially useful for those studying for the CPHQ or in the ASHNHA Mentors for Quality program. These webinars were facilitated by Denise Plano, MHA MSN RN CPHQ.

Thursday, May 3
The Quality Department, Hospital Culture and Leadership Not all quality departments are the same; hospital culture, leadership, sizes and needs are all different. This session will help quality professionals navigate all departments throughout the organization in pursuing process improvement, patient safety and regulatory driven expectations. What leadership qualities should the quality professional possess to ensure success for the program?

Thursday, May 31 
Regulatory and Accreditation, Public Reporting 101CMS has an important role in healthcare and hospitals. This session will discuss the history of accreditation and deemed status and provide a quick summary of this to develop a continual readiness program for the role of accreditation professional. Public Reporting Expectations for 2018 will also be reviewed.

Thursday June 28
Performance, Process Improvement and Measurement: The quality professional drives change within the organization. This session is an introduction to tools for basic process and improvement. Some of the common tools used will be shared along with how best to effectively communicate the outcomes of performance improvement to the stakeholders.

Thursday July 26
Systems Thinking and DesignWhat is systems thinking and how is applicable to performance improvement sustainability? Now that we have had success in implementing change, how do we spreading effective performance improvement strategies throughout the organization? This session discusses change theory, motivation and other strategies.

Thursday August 23
Root Cause Analysis: Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a common term spoken and an integral tool used in the world of quality professionals. A root cause analysis has multiple formats and templates available to the quality professional that can lead to confusion. This session will give a detailed overview regarding appropriate situations, how an RCA works, steps in the process along with impact of the processes using the IHI’s Open School curriculum and explanation.

Curriculum References/Standards:

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