M4Q Program Timeline

The program is approximately 9 months in duration, beginning in February each year and ending in September.

The Mentors for Quality Program begins with a full-day of in-person training in Anchorage to learn the fundamentals of the Model for Improvement and to build peer-to-peer relationships that will serve as a critical foundation for successful participation in the program. Topics covered include: AIM Statement Development, rapid cycle change, measurement and data display, as well as topic specific evidence-based practices. Click here to view the 2015 M4Q training agenda.

Following the February training, mentoring pairs will meet each week via teleconference to guide the quality improvement project using the Project Report Template (This will be highlighted and linked to the template). A group meeting will take place via webinar every two weeks to provide a report-out to all participants and to problem solve emerging challenges.

Within the first 3 months of the program start, participants will complete a 1-2 day site visit to their partner’s facility. The site visit is designed to develop the mentoring relationship, build an understanding of the hospital conditions, culture, and workflow.  The mentoring pair decides which hospital will host the site visit.

The program comes to completion in September with a day of celebration followed by a poster session at the Patient Safety Conference in Anchorage.