Instructions for requesting PPE from State EOC

State of Alaska
Department of Health and Social Services
Clarification of Resource Request Process for COVID-19 Response

Step One: Requesting Facility
                All hospitals, health care facilities, and other organizations submit a 213 Resource Request Form (213RR) to the local or jurisdictional                        emergency management authority.
                Note: If you do not have a 213RR or do not know how to complete this form, your jurisdiction’s emergency management authority or                                 the State Emergency Operations Center can provide technical assistance.

Step Two: Jurisdiction Emergency Management Authority
               The jurisdiction emergency management authority:
                        1. Fulfills the resource request or validates there are no local resources available.
                       2. Ensures the form is completed correctly.
                       3. Forwards the 213RR to the State Emergency Operations Center if the resource request cannot be filled locally.

Step Three: State Emergency Operations Center
              The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) will:
                      1. Review the request and determine which state agency will be assigned to potentially fulfill the request.
                     2. If medical, the request is sent to the Medical Branch (also referred to as the DHSS EOC).

Step Four: Medical Branch/DHSS EOC
            The Medical Branch/DHSS EOC will:
                1. Contact the requesting entity to obtain clarifying information.
                             -(You may be asked to complete an IMATS Form. This form provides us with critical information required in order to ship                                                resources to the correct location.)
               2. Review the request against available inventory.
               3. Obtain clinical review and approval of requests for scarce resources (N95’s, surgical masks, gloves, gowns, face shields, etc.).
               4. Contact the requesting entity to alert them to the status of their request (filled, partially filled, not filled).
               5. Ship approved resources to the point of contact/location indicated on the 213RR.
              1. State-run facilities such as the Alaska Psychiatric Institute and Pioneer Homes submit their requests directly to the State SEOC.
              2. Federal facilities, such as JBER, submit their requests directly to federal entities.
              3. Tribal Health Organizations may choose to submit their requests to the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC). ANTHC has a                    system for reviewing these requests and coordinating response, including submittal of consolidated requests to the SEOC.

To locate your EOC, use the map of the Local Emergency Planning Districts (LEPD) 
Link to the contact list to determine which district your location falls within and the correct email to use when communicating with that district.