Step Up, Mask Up Alaska

ASHNHA’s Step Up, Mask Up Alaska social media campaign has one mission: to encourage Alaskans to wear masks so together, we can reverse the current COVID-19 trend and protect public health, our economy, and the ones we love.

What’s Your Mask Story? Create your own video to share!

Help spread the word to your fellow Alaskans about the importance of wearing masks – in your own words! Record your own video and share it on social media. Include the following:


Let viewers know who you are, where you live, and what you do – maybe a little about your family, friends, hobbies, etc. Keep it short and simple but friendly and approachable (like you’re meeting people for the first time and introducing yourself in person.)


This is the most essential part of your video message. Share with viewers the reasons why you wear a mask. To protect yourself, your children, co-workers who are on the frontlines, employees who are keeping businesses running and taking care of customers, etc. Your reasons for wearing a mask can inspire others to thing beyond the mandates and peer pressure so they can join this movement aimed at protecting all of us.

Another perspective of “why” can be the practical reasons wearing masks is critical and timely. It’s one thing we can all do to take action so we can flatten the curve and avoid overwhelming our healthcare system. It’s up to all of us to protect our public health and economy.


Now that viewers know who you are and why you wear a mask, call them to action so they do the same: “Step up, mask up Alaska.” It’s a simple call-to-action that encourages viewers to “join us” and gives them a simple way to do so. Imagine the possibilities if Alaskans of all walks of life from across the state challenge their followers and viewers to step up and mask up! Finally, challenge friends and family to do a video.

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  • Primary: #maskupalaska #mymaskstory #stepupmaskup
  • Secondary: #maskupfor[reason] i.e. #maskupforbusiness #maskupforfamily #maskupformom #maskupfornurses #maskupforkids #maskupforall

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Alaska Healthcare Leaders Urge Alaskans to Act Now, Wear Masks