teamstepps master training coaching calls webinars

Implementation Support Objectives 

As a result of participating in monthly implementation support webinars, Master Trainers will:

  1. Develop a community of TeamSTEPPS Master Trainers in Alaska who can share successes and assist each other to overcome barriers to implementing team strategies and tools.
  2. Describe the overarching concepts (e.g. “big ideas”) presented in the TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer Workshop conducted August 21-22, 2018.
  3. Determine whether to use a transformational or targeted strategy to implement team strategies and tools to achieve a specific clinical quality or safety culture goal in their settings.
  4. Use an explicit change strategy to overcome barriers to implementing team strategies and tools in their setting regardless of whether they choose a targeted or transformational strategy.
  5. Learn and share approaches to teaching and using the four categories of team strategies and tools (e.g. Leading Teams, Communication, Situation Monitoring, and Mutual Support) with other Master Trainers.
  6. Share barriers and success in implementation with other Master Trainers.
  7. Use coaching as a strategy to implement and sustain the use of team skills.
  8. Develop and execute action plans to sustain team skills within their setting.

Recordings of the Bimonthly thirty minute implementation webinars
Recording from October 17 Implementation Webinar #1:Teaching and using TeamSTEPPS Tools & Slides
Recording from November 28 Implementation Webinar #2  Teaching and using Leadership Tools & Slides
Recording from February 20 Implementation Webinar #3 Teaching and using Communication Tools  & Slides
Recording from March 27 Implementation Webinar#4 – Situation Monitoring Tools & Slides